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AyuHome Owner

By far the best property club I've ever experienced. I got all my properties managed and periodically got freebies for my family travel

MicoHome Owner & Member

It is really fun getting to know Loyagami. They are all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease

YemimaHome Owner & Member

I'm wondering why I never knew Loyagami sooner! Seriously, they all have awesome services not just helping me renting our my properties, but also the possibility to be able to host my own travel programs. Thanks for an amazing experience!


Loyagami is by far the most astonishing Vacation Club! I literally could not be happier that I chose to join your membership! I got regular updates for new deals that I can spend on my family holiday

ElsyeHome Owner & Member

The vacation homes exceeded all our expectations and suited our needs perfectly. Really comfortable, all the creature comforts and a lovely way to experience local life during our family trip in Europe

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We work closely with real estate owners, developers, and investors to create future model for property management nationwide and worldwide. Our achievements financially outperform traditional standard rentals, while also making a positive social, ecological and cultural impact.

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What makes us difference

Loyagami is a property anagement service for the modern owner and renter. Designed with technology at the core for maximum efficiency and transparency.

Guaranteed Rental & Exchange

Our program will make sure that member second home will get maximum rental opportunity during the year

 Dedicated Listing Team

Member can get assistance from dedicated team to list their property and manage the rental

Personal Travel Assistant

Looking for the best restaurants or things to see and do? Let our Travel assistant help you to find and book

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