The Company

Many years to come

Founded in Indonesia, on 2013, Loyagami is comprised of individuals experienced in finance, investment, real estate,interior design, technology geek, hospitality,and travel that came aboard together to form the joint ventures company. Our goal is to develop the finest income producing property assets through a combination of design, technology and human interactions

Our  mission is to help people to get the opportunity to  enjoy finest second homes all around the world with fair price and unique personalized experiences

We have helped more than 200 owners of property assets owned by individuals and companies and operate more than 300 apartment units, condominiums, homes and commercial spaces in various locations in Indonesia and Southeast Asia on a white label basis

For us, the property business is not only limited to selling or renting physical space but also integrated with the process of creating interaction with residents to form living and working spaces that not only provide comfort and pleasure but also increase productivity optimally