Travel Club


Hotel and apartment early bird reservation discount up to 50% from normal price with personalized travel services and stay point rewards that can be exchanged with many freebies including shopping vouchers and event tickets
Why us?

No Membership Fee

This program is intended for those who plan a vacation or business trip at least 20 days in advance or more which gives cheaper rates up to 50% from regular rate or you can choose extras experiences with sensation in the place where you stay – such as tasting local food, get local traveling companion in different ambiance , knowing the local culture, experiencing local entertainment that probably will be your once in a life time experience

You can get all the benefit without paying any annual membership and this is the difference of our travel club. Join now and get your first 100 Stay Points with us

Extra options for your travel


Progressive discount started from 5% to 50% lower than regular rate with minimum 20 days reservation in advance


Options for travel needs such as airport transfer, travel insurance that you can choose as your extra during reservation


Options such as free voucher for spa, late check out, one day local tour, and many others that you can choose during reservation with us


Shopping vouchers or discount vouchers to local event that we have in certain cities

How to start


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You can start book your next journey or earning your stay point that can be exchanged with free hotel stay, tour, or even reimburse it

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What is Stay Point?

Stay point is like a currency used in Loyagami for exchange purposes that include hotel,tour, and tickets. 1 Stay Point is worth $ 0,5

Why Loyagami using US Dollar? Can you use other currency

We use US Dollar as base currency exchange but for transaction we use applicable local currency

How to get stay point?

You can get stay point in three ways

  • Book our Non Exclusive Hotel Deals
  • Refer member to book one of our services
  • Purchase stay point manually or
  • Join our premium plan like Flexible rental plan
  • Rent one of our managed service apartment

How can I get stay point through referral?

You will get specific code like XC3454 which you referral can use that promo code to book one of accommodation or travel deals through

How if I have any other questions?

You can always ask us at anytime for any unanswered questions by clicking Chat with Our Specialist

Licensed Tour

All of our tours are provided by licensed tour company or guide. We curate and select only the best that will give you the experiences that you want

Curated Hotels

We don’t provide all kind of hotels as we only provide access to selected 3 to 5 star hotels around the world which gets high rating from guest or ones that we curate by ourselves through our visits