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What is Exactly Loyagami?

Loyagami is the exclusive property and travel club that enables  second home owners to maximize the benefits of their property by renting out globally through distribution network, exchange times for stays in many beautiful places around the world and sell the ownership to other members

What is Vacation Exchange?

The idea of vacation exchange or home exchange is you agree to exchange each other  homestays like condominium or villa resort with other parties for a set period of time for vacation or business purposes

What is second home?

A second home is a residence that you intend to occupy in addition to a primary residence for part of the year. Typically, a second home is used as a vacation home, though it could also be a property that you visit on a regular basis, such as a condo in a city where you frequently conduct business.

Is there any requirements to join with Loyagami?

Yes, sure, for property owner we  have certain standards such as property location, amenities, furnishing that must be met,otherwise, we can accep’t the application to join with the club

And for those who want to own a second home, they must be qualified buyer that understand investment risk in property.

Where do I start

Join Loyagami

Just click on the Dashboard and then join with us, there’s no payment at all to register in our website, but please make sure you are home owner or represent home owner

Fill Home Application

You will get confirmation link sent to your email, and then after you click the link, you will be directed to fill basic home application form including the price that you want for short term rental (less than 1 month), mid term rental (1-12 months) , long term rental (more than 12 months) and your selling price (if  you plan to sell your home oneday)

Wait for Review and Approval

Within 1-2 business days, we will review and give response on your application,if we need more clarification, our staff will call you

Make Payment

After approval, we will send you electronic invoice for your membership, you can make payment through credit card or bank transfer (Indonesian only)

Start Using Service

After payment finished, you can start using our services, you will get free stay points that you can use for booking other accomodation, travel activities, you will be assisted by our travel concierge consultant and our staff will start listing your homes

How do you keep my profile secure?

Your phone number, home or email address will not be made visible anywhere on the website. All communication will be through the website or personal travel concierge assistant. We understand that some of our member want to keep their privacy as tight as other security measurements

How do rental works

When you start joining our membership, our staff will list your property in our club and through global distribution systems. Then our staff will handle everything on your behalf such as answering pre sales question, accept payment, welcoming the guest, and take care everything for the guest until check out time

When will I get paid for rental

You will get payment every month based on our report on 25 as our cut off date through bank transfer to your account as indicated in your profile account. The payment is total revenue deducted with management fee that include operational and administration fees

The total revenue is room rental revenues plus other associated revenues during guest stay for example car rental, tour activities, food and beverage

Do I need to pay tax?

It is your responsibility to ensure you know and comply with the laws and tax rules of your country of residence and of the state or city where your property is located.

Typically, hosts may be required to charge and account for sales tax (such as VAT) and/or local/city tax (you may want to factor such costs into your price per night).

You may also be liable for income or corporation tax on the revenue you earn from bookings.

How do I do the exchange with other members?

There are two options for exchanging vacation home with other members

  1. Direct Exchange : we will contact the other member (host) and asking them about your request, if they agree to do the swap, we will inform you about their profile then you can start communicating with other members. We will not let the communication takes place without both sides approval
  2. Points Exchange : This option actually allow you to book other member home with lower cost than market price. You can start using utilize your points to book other member home. This case usually happens when the other end does not agree to do the exchange. So basically it’s not really a point exchange between two parties, because the other end (renter) will get rental revenue in normal currency

How much I can get

It depends on location,your property condition (including amenities) and many factors that impacting the revenue, but our staff will aways keep you update about fair prices to make sure that you property will be rented out well. Normally you can get more than $ 200 per week

You can get revenue not just from rental but from other associated services

What is stay point

Stay points is the currency that we use among our club members to book accomodations and obtain travel services with lower cost than market price

How do I earn Points

There are many options to earn points

  1. Joining the club : when you join the club you are eligible for free stay points
  2. Purchase the points : you can purchase points in your profile account to add more points
  3. Purchase actvities without using point : when you book activities and pay it without your points, then you can get points. We usually indicate it clearly whether the activities are intended for member or non member
  4. Hosting activities to other members and/or other non member guest : when you hosting activities (sell services) you can get revenue and points
  5. Write review : When you write review of services in our website
  6. Refer a friend : You will get 10 -25 points for making referral
  7. Write travel journey : when you write travel journey or blog then you can get 50-100 points
  8. Participate in our events : when you participate in our events, you can get at least 50 points or more

Can I redeem my points?

Yes you can redeem your points and then we can transfer to your bank account. You can do it with link in your profile by clicking the link and then choose monetary amount you want to redeem and then  click redeem by using your points


Don’t hesitate to contact us through our live chat and we also welcome any inquiry if you find it more comfortable to reach us by contacting our support below