A home that won’t

make you bored

Fast internet, strategic location, easy access, flexible rental terms, regular update of home furnishing, personal concierge and extra perks such as private events, open trips are few differences we have more than accommodation provider

Loyagami understands today’s markets and tailors rental homes to suit with the constant changing of lifestyle and mode update with leading-edge design, technology, and resident services


The interiors of each of Loyagami home are thoughtfully conceived to reflect the local environment combined with the taste of urban market


Loyagami has implemented innovative technology to maximize residents’ enjoyment of predictive service and amenities

Resident Services

We manage our homes to ensure high levels of resident satisfaction and offer community-specific lifestyle programming

Our Offerings

Travel Club

Membership program designed for short term business or holiday traveler that offer not just special rates on accommodation and activities but also many community programs made for members to expand social networks for fun and works

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Co Living Space

House or apartment in urban areas with shared living space, communal space and community programs for those who like to live under the same roof with old or new friends sharing fun and works together

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Dedicated Living Space

House, Villa and apartment in downtown,suburb or near to beach,lake or mountain that allow renter the privileges of the property owners to be able to customize interiors, fixtures and get personalized service support from the local team

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